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My Short Biography

Wicked Rose Vintage

2006 - location: washington Moving back to my home state was a big leap of faith. Immediately, I packed up everything, booked a one-way ticket, and have stayed there ever since. It wasn't easy, but then nothing worth its salt ever is. I developed my designing talent into the finely-honed weapon it is today, and I carry with me the experiences I had and lessons I learned during that time.

Fast forward to2017 and I'm reinventing myself again. Launching a renaissance costume line with accessories & jewelry. Hand selecting vintage pieces for my online store. Expanding my business to include modern clothing at affordable prices. And living my dream of doing what I love!!!  

Fashion is a dirty business, and that's exactly why I love it. I've been getting my hands grubby with it ever since I was old enough to use a sewing machine.

2004 - The die is cast.This was the year that the goddess Fortuna spun her wheel and my fate as a fashion designer & buyer was sealed. Working in collaboration with several photographers, models & MUA's to produce my first collection & portfolio. There was no turning back from here.

LOCATION: LAS VEGAS Bright lights! Big city! Where the young & beautiful play! My early years of design were a whirlwind of sparkle & shine. With a city that never sleeps, neither did I. My hard work paid off and my collection took flight.